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Doctors were unsure what was wrong with Jayla, and traditional treatments were proving ineffective. That’s when Jayla’s mother began researching medical cannabis oil.

When Jayla turned four, Bostock began secretly treating her with cannabis oil. When her child’s doctors found out, they were completely dismayed. What Bostock did, of course, was illegal. But Bostock insisted that Jayla’s condition was improving thanks to the cannabis oil treatments.

According to sources, Jayla was experiencing fewer seizures and even showed improvements eating and sleeping. Nevertheless, Bostock had to submit to a police investigation regarding her illegal administration of cannabis. Marijuana is a “Class-B” drug in the UK.

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We are often asked about the differences between CBD vs THC. It turns out there is still a lot of confusion around this topic. Not to mention that online information about cannabidiol is often unreliable.

For these exact reasons we created the below infographic, meant to shed light on some of the most commonly questions asked on the CBD vs THC topic.

Easy to understand chart HERE

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Learn About How CBD Can Help With…

Scientific research has shown CBD may be therapeutic for many conditions. In compiling a list of conditions that CBD may help, we examined hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. Relevant reports have been culled primarily from PubMed, online service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. To these highly technical reports, we have added articles from O’Shaughnessy’s and a few stories from general interest publications.

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Cannabis as an Opioid Exit: 5 Real-Life Stories

Editor’s Note: A few years ago the notion that cannabis could be an exit drug—a tool to help people overcome opioid addiction—was considered fairly radical. Now it’s becoming more widely accepted, thanks to more research and the stories of experience shared by those doing the daily work of recovery. Photojournalist Charles Mostoller set out to document the stories of those who are using cannabis to leave opioids and point their lives in a positive direction. Their experiences are recounted below. 

Britt Carpenter, 49

Philadelphia, PA. Runs a dog-care company. After going cold turkey, he started an Instagram community page called Philly Unknown. Carpenter does outreach with homeless people and heroin addicts.

I was in a car accident about 15 years ago. I broke my shoulder in five places, and I ended up not getting surgery but a lot of therapy. I was in a lot of pain, and a friend’s girlfriend, who had an ACL surgery, gave me this bag of pills. It was like a PEZ dispenser threw up in a bag. With that and whatever I could get my hands on from a doctor, it became like a smorgasbord.

Eventually I got away from them. But then about four years ago, I met the wrong person, who introduced me to heroin. I started using heavily. It was almost four years of using daily.

It was four years of hell. Four years of some of the most dark times that I’ve ever experienced. Lying to everybody. Losing friends. Losing jobs. Friends telling my parents about me.

The last OD I had, where they brought me back with Narcan, the cop looked at me and said, “You’re lucky we aren’t busy tonight or you wouldn’t be here.” And I thought, Wow, you need to change, to do something. The next day I stopped using. But I didn’t put myself into detox or rehab. I threw myself into photography. I always loved photography. I had done work with the homeless and always worked for the underdog, so I told myself if I go 30 days straight for the first time in four years, that I would start a community page on Instagram and pay it forward to the community. And after 30 days I did start it. And you know, I just hit 19 months clean off heroin, alcohol, everything except for pot.

I went cold turkey just using cannabis at the time. It helped with the shakes and with the paranoia. It helped with the sweats, helped my appetite. I gained like 40 pounds.

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Many Americans use Cannabis for Chronic Pain Because it is Better than Opioids

Currently, 1/3 America suffers from chronic pain, defined as pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks. It commonly coincides alongside secondary symptoms and conditions, from trouble sleeping to a weakened immune system to anxiety and depression. The problem with chronic pain and other health conditions, however, is that many people turn to opioid prescriptions, the reality of which is quite dangerous. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is a viable alternative to opioids, which you will see in the infographic below.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic aims to offer safe and effective treatment for chronic pain and a variety of other conditions such as PTSD and anxiety via medicinal marijuana. The largest study on cannabis to date found that medical cannabis is effective at relieving not only chronic pain, but also a variety of other conditions, from muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis to nausea associated with chemotherapy. Not only is it effective, but it is also highly safe, especially in comparison to opioids. In 2015, 15,000 or more deaths in the United States were the result of opioid overdoses alone – marijuana, on the other hand, caused zero deaths. This is because while it is virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana, the same is not true for opioids.

The opioid overdose epidemic is perhaps compounded by the misleading and often false information that the public has received regarding opioid use. In 2007, for example, three top executives from Purdue Pharma plead guilty to marketing Oxycontin as a safe alternative and for giving inaccurate information regarding the risks of addiction. Another problem in all of this is that that a large percentage of those using opioids – 49 percent – get them from family and friends.


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CBD Oil – Healing with Mother Nature

It’s my passion to help people decipher the controversial health info out there and make decisions that speak to their needs. Throughout my own healing process, there were so many alternative health professionals that I looked up to and trusted to guide me through my process. My goal is to pay it forward and be that same force for other people in their journey to health. It’s my mission to be approach health information with an open mind, unswayed by my personal bias, and give you real, trusted information you can feel good about applying. This approach is what allowed me to heal myself and can help you to do the same.

One of the more controversial topics I’ve kept my eye on over the years is CBD and medical marijuana. It’s been a hot topic in health and in politics for so long. It finally feels like some we’re making progress towards a true sense of understanding it rather than demonizing it with cultural assumptions, though I can understand why it has gotten its reputation. Regardless of where you sit on the legalization debate, when it comes to CBD, there are some really important things everyone should be open to understanding. I feel that the health benefits of CBD oil is a really important matter to share with my readers.

What is CBD Oil?


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FDA Announces Plan To Cut Level Of Nicotine Allowed In Cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing sweeping changes to how it regulates cigarettes and related products, including reducing the amount of nicotine allowed in tobacco cigarettes.

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