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YouTube Censoring Holistic Health?

Ever had a favorite natural health video on Youtube disappear? Even if you saved it to a playlist? This may be why…

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Authorities Rule Alternative Health Practitioner’s Death a Suicide

Author and alternative health practitioner Ann Boroch has died.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s department confirmed to us on 8 August 2017 that Boroch’s cause of death a week before was suicide by hanging. The department’s report identified her by her first name, Tami.

Boroch’s Facebook page announced her death on 4 August 2017, and the post was cross-linked to her Twitter account. A second Twitter post carried an additional message while also linking to her Facebook page:

Hi everyone! My name is Lisa and I am Ann’s cousin. I am sorry to say this is not a hoax or a joke. Thank you all…

However, the Facebook page was taken down completely not long after that. Some web sites reporting on Boroch’s death included a screen capture of what was purportedly the original post:


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50 Holistic Doctors Have Mysteriously Died In The Last Year, But What’s Being Done About It?

Recently, Erin Elizabeth from HealthNutNews wrote up an expose about the past year’s findings concerning the many disappearances of holistic doctors.

In case you’re not aware, the confusing conundrum first began when Dr. Bradstreet was found dead exactly one year ago – yes, on Father’s Day – in the U.S. The noted autism doctor, researcher, and parent was found in a river with a gunshot wound to the chest. While authorities at first thought his death was a result of suicide, it has since been confirmed that Dr. Bradstreet was murdered and that the wound was not self-inflicted. His family, like the families of many other missing and dead naturopathic practitioners and MD doctors, believe that he was murdered for using and promoting controversial therapies, such as GCMaF.

According to Elizabeth, nearly 50 doctors have now died or gone missing under mysterious circumstances. This riveting finding has resulted in some exposure on the topic – including articles by the New York TimesThe Independent UK, and network affiliates such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, but the whole story – or the many threads connecting the various murders – is not being told.

For this reason, the activist took to the internet today, on the one-year-anniversary of the first of the mysterious deaths, to express how serious of a concern these events are.

Right now in the United States, consumers are being told that they are not enough and that they must purchase more items on credit, eat high-fat, high-sugar foods, take prescription pills they cannot afford, and buy into the fear-mongering propaganda. In effect, America – perceived to be one of the most “developed” nations in the world – spends more on ‘health care’ than any other affluent nation, yet still has the worst state of health as a collective.

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About All Of Those Holistic Doctors Being Murdered

Did you know that someone is going around the country and murdering holistic doctors?

The Health Nut even has an Holistic Doctor Death Series featuring all of the cases. She is up to over 60 murders in her death series.

And that’s just in the past year, but since the story starts in 2015, that isn’t quite true.

Are Holistic Doctors Being Murdered?

Is anything about her story true?


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