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CBD Oil – Healing with Mother Nature

It’s my passion to help people decipher the controversial health info out there and make decisions that speak to their needs. Throughout my own healing process, there were so many alternative health professionals that I looked up to and trusted to guide me through my process. My goal is to pay it forward and be that same force for other people in their journey to health. It’s my mission to be approach health information with an open mind, unswayed by my personal bias, and give you real, trusted information you can feel good about applying. This approach is what allowed me to heal myself and can help you to do the same.

One of the more controversial topics I’ve kept my eye on over the years is CBD and medical marijuana. It’s been a hot topic in health and in politics for so long. It finally feels like some we’re making progress towards a true sense of understanding it rather than demonizing it with cultural assumptions, though I can understand why it has gotten its reputation. Regardless of where you sit on the legalization debate, when it comes to CBD, there are some really important things everyone should be open to understanding. I feel that the health benefits of CBD oil is a really important matter to share with my readers.

What is CBD Oil?


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